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The Management of Criminal Justice program will give students the ability to analyze legal, operational, and managerial issues in the criminal justice field. From law enforcement management to corrections and court proceedings, you will possess the administrative knowledge to operate at every level of government: federal, state, county, and municipal. Class instructors currently work in the field and provide a Christian perspective on the criminal justice system. Courses are designed to expand your foundation of the morals and ethics tested within the profession, better equipping you for the daily challenges of life on the job.

Area of Study Criminal Justice
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Goals / Objectives

Student learning outcomes of the Management of Criminal Justice program include:

  • Knowledge of public-sector management techniques within the criminal justice system
  • Knowledge of the dynamics and development of constitutional, criminal, and administrative law, as they pertain to the management and operations of criminal justice activities at all levels of government: federal, state, and municipal
  • The ability to recognize the value of ethics and how it applies to criminal justice professionals
  • The ability to identify and evaluate theories for the causes of crime, and public policies that assist in the prevention of crime
  • The ability to demonstrate an appreciation of statistics in criminal justice decision-making and research
  • The ability to describe the roles and functions of law enforcement, corrections, and the courts in a modern democratic society
  • The ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Career Outlook

  • Corrections Administrator
  • Probation and Parole Officer
  • Court Administrator
  • Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Research Associate

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Management of Criminal Justice

American Government (JPP 101) - Credits: 3

Course Description

American Government studies the basic foundations and underlying principles of American national, state, and local government.
Introduction to Law Enforcement (JPP 102) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Introduction to Law Enforcement studies the history, philosophy and functions of local police department, country sheriff departments, state law enforcement agencies and federal investigatory and intelligence gathering agencies.
Criminology (JPP 103) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Criminology studies causations of crime, including sociological, psychological, biophysiological and free will theories.
Introduction to Courts (JPP 104) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Introduction to Courts studies the history, philosophy and functions of American courts.
Substantive Criminal Law (JPP 207) - Credits: 3

Course Description

SUBSTANTIVE CRIMINAL LAW studies definitions of law, definitions of crime, general principles of criminal responsibility, elements of the major crimes, punishments, conditions or circumstances, that may excuse criminal responsibility or mitigate punishment.
Juvenile Theory (JPP 110) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Juvenile Theory studies the organizations, functions and jurisdiction of juvenile justice agencies along with the theories and causations of juvenile crime and antisocial behavior.
Introduction to Corrections (JPP 206) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Introduction to Corrections studies the history, philosophy and functions of the American correctional system.
Procedural Criminal Law (JPP 308) - Credits: 3

Course Description

PROCEDURAL CRIMINAL LAW examines the law relating to arrests, searches, and seizures by law enforcement officers as well as rules of evidence and courtroom procedures followed in court by prosecutors and defense attorneys
Criminal Investigation (JPP 214) - Credits: 3

Course Description

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION studies the criminal investigation process including interviewing, crime scene analysis, collection of evidence, and analysis of issues critical to investigations.
Terrorism (JPP 288) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Terrorism will introduce students to the phenomena of contemporary terrorism and extremism. Emphasis will be placed on extremism as a foundation for terrorist behavior, types of terrorism, and how governments and law enforcement agencies respond to terrorism.

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