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Area of Study Business
Next Start Date Start Anytime
18 - 24
Total Cost
$8,694 - $11,592
“Upon entering the field of administration, I felt well prepared to lead.”
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Goals / Objectives

  • Adept at analyzing health-care systems demonstrating acceptance of individuals as holistic beings created by God, respecting the dignity, worth, and rights of the individual
  • Ability to synthesize knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and management theories as a basis for problem-solving and decision-making in health care
  • Willingness to work cohesively and communicate with members of the interdisciplinary health-care network
  • Ability to evaluate research results applicable to health-care practice
  • Capable of creating a reflective self plan for personal and professional growth
  • Ability to recognize and analyze current trends and issues relative to health-care management
  • Respect for diversity within the health-care community for both those who are served and the providers of care

Career Outlook

  • Medical Records Coordinator
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Practice Manager
  • Ambulatory Care Center Manager
  • Assistant Administrator
  • Health Care Consultant
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Medical Device / Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Business Management Certificate Courses (18-24 Credits)

Statistical Methods (AL 169) - Credits: 3

Course Description

STATISTICAL METHODS studies the terminology, methodology, and body of knowledge in statistics. Topics such as means, median, variation, probabilities, correlation and regression will be covered in this module. Prerequisite: AL 122 or AL 109 or acceptable test score.
Organizational Management Principles (AL 272) - Credits: 3

Course Description

ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES engages students in the art and science of management within an organization. The four functions of management, organizing, leading, planning and controlling, are considered in light of individual, group and organizational dynamics. Not open to students who have taken AL 352 Organizational Behavior or AL 358 Principles of Management.
Business Finance (AL 346) - Credits: 3

Course Description

AL 346 Business Finance provides an introduction to the basic functions of financial management, including planning, control, investment returns and risk management, and optimal capital structure. This course will also survey financial institutions, operations of markets and the process of financial decision-making.
Macroeconomics (AL 347EL) - Credits: 3

Course Description

MACROECONOMICS provides a foundation in the principles of macroeconomics as applied to the overall economy, both domestic and global. It covers fiscal policy, monetary policy, classical and Keynesian economic models, national income accounting, and the relationship between inflation and unemployment. It also reviews supply and demand relationships among goods, services, and labor.
Human Resource Management (AL 359) - Credits: 3

Course Description

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT examines the principles, methods, and procedures in human resource management, including: staffing, compensation and benefits, employee and labor/management relations, planning, employee development, health, safety and security, and equal opportunity issues. This is a survey course, which may serve as the foundation for further study in the Human Resource Management, major, minor or certificate programs. There are no pre-requisites.
Accounting (AL 365) - Credits: 3

Course Description

ACCOUNTING is a broad overview course that includes comprehensive instruction in basic accounting principles, with an emphasis on accounting as a necessary tool in the control and management of business. The application of management policies and practices required for effective planning and controlling of resources is considered. Prerequisite: AL 096 or acceptable assessment score.
Marketing Management (AL 366EL) - Credits: 3

Course Description

MARKETING MANAGEMENT focuses on the role of Marketing within an organization from the manager’s perspective. Students gain an understanding of buyer behavior, evaluation of the marketplace, marketing research, and new product development Students complete a marketing plan on an actual organization.
Global Dimensions in Business (AL 367EL) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Global Dimensions in Business focuses on international trade theory, marketing, the interaction of foreign businesses, politics, and intercultural communication and business protocol. Students appreciate the importance of understanding cultural differences in working with others with different cultural backgrounds.
Business Policy (AL 371 / 371EL) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Business Policy requires knowledge of all functional business areas. The course considers strategic management including management decision-making, using the case-study approach. Students apply problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a management context and demonstrate effective writing and speaking skills.

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