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This certificate is appropriate for those interested in middle and upper management, brokerage, insurance practice, and running their own business. Many students who complete this program go on to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Master the key applicable aspects of real estate investment, securities analysis, risk management, and other essential topics within the financial field. Our online graduate certification in Finance is nationally recognized for its quality and affordability, and offers advanced insights into managing assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and mutual funds.

Earn your MBA in Finance by adding an additional 24 credits. Within 5 years of beginning the certificate program, students have the option to earn their MBA by applying to the program and completing the 24-credit core requirement.

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“Concordia's program has provided me with excellent insight into leading others.” - Jayme Martin
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Goals / Objectives

  • Understanding of the characteristics of securities and how to evaluate them using financial spreadsheets and internet applications
  • Ability to make informed investment choices using the analysis of stocks, bonds, derivatives, and mutual funds
  • Knowledge of the parameters of law and fraud within business finance
  • Skills to set and obtain investment objectives using an in-depth knowledge of basic financing instruments, such as capital, debt, securitization, and government subsidized assets
  • Solid grasp on how to use accounting reports to make informed and well guided decisions
  • Ability to analyze decisions from both legal and ethical standpoints
  • Experience in managing a portfolio in relation to key concepts in modern theory
  • Understanding of the essentials of fixed-income securities, determinants of option pricing, and the methods of common stock valuation

Career Outlook

  • Budget Analyst
  • Cost Estimator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Fundraiser
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Personal Financial Advisor

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Real Estate Investment (MBA 558/858) - Credits: 3

Course Description

On-campus only - Real Estate Investment is a survey course which outlines the different professional paths available in setting and obtaining investment objectives . This includes an overview of investment instruments, forms of ownerships, financing instruments (capital, debt, securitization and government subsidized) and investor strategies for constant fluid markets.
Legal Aspects of Business Administration (MBA 570/870) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Legal Aspects of Business Administration entails the study of the contemporary and legal issues facing managers and the development of practical skills for analyzing decision-making from both the legal and ethical standpoints. Issues will be studied from the position of managerial decision-making with an emphasis on the establishment of sound, well-grounded policies intended to prevent and resolve disputes.
Fraud Management (MBA 576/876) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Fraud Management is designed to provide students with a basis understanding of the principles of occupational fraud, emphasizing circumstances with which any management team may ultimately be confronted . The course covers fraud in the areas of skimming, cash larceny, check fraud, register schemes, and misappropriation of cash and assets. A brief overview of corruption and interviewing of employees when a fraud is suspected is also included.
Financial Institution Management (MBA 621/921) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Financial Institution Management provides an understanding of the financial services industry with a focus on measuring and managing risks. It is designed for the practical application of measurement and management techniques, thus complex formula-driven techniques will be reviewed in concept.
Risk Management and Insurance (MBA 622/922) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Risk Management and Insurance is an introduction to the tools of insurance and risk management . Property, life, health, and liability insurance will be discussed. Students desiring a more in depth evaluation of the subject should also consider MBA 624/924- Health, Life and Social Insurance. 3 credits.
Corp. Risk Management: Theory and Application–ARM 54 Certificate (MBA 627/927) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Theory and real world application of traditional Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). We will explore integrated Enterprise Risk Management as it has evolved today including how traditional risks are incorporated into ERM. We will also study Risk Management as a process which is relevant for organizations pursuing a more traditional Risk Management approach. ARM 54 Certification. 3 credit hours.
Securities Analysis (MBA 625/925) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Securities Analysis is the study of investment choices and the analysis of each for the investment decision . Stocks, bonds, derivatives, and mutual funds are all examined. Understanding the characteristics of securities and how to evaluate them using financial spreadsheets and internet applications toward making a capital decision is emphasized.
Portfolio Mathematics (MBA 626/926) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Portfolio Mathematics emphasizes investment selection/decision/policy issues, key concepts in modern portfolio theory, methods of common stock valuation, understanding the essentials of fixed income securities, determinants of option pricing, and evaluating managers' performance.
International Finance (MIB 540/840) - Credits: 3

Course Description

International Finance presents the study of financial management in the global market-place . Topics will include foreign exchange, decisions relating to capital budgeting in relation to the flow of funds and the investment alternatives for management and investors . The operation of international financing markets will be presented
Corporate Risk Finance: From Concepts to Reality-ARM 56 Certificate (MBA 628/628) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Explores the concepts and real world examples of risk financing evaluation and decisions. This course covers theory and application of various aspects of risk and the analysis and quantification of the cost of risk. The course will also explore the details of different risk financing techniques and the use of multiple techniques to finance different layers of losses from the same sources. ARM 56 Certification. 3 credit hours
Internship (MBA 545/845) - Credits: 3

Course Description

The Internship experience is meant to give students a real world perspective in a business related area, while working toward completion of the MBA degree. An Internship can be taken by any student in any concentration. Curricular emphasis is placed on student use of learned skills and exposure to hands-on business techniques. Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of clock time at their internship site. This is a 3 credit course.

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