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The Women’s Leadership Institute Academy equips and educates Christian women to serve in their personal and professional vocations.

These learning engagements can be purchased a la carte or in a bundle. The Women’s Leadership Institute Academy Badge option allows you to choose all of the associated courses to complete and earn a digital badge at Concordia University. A digital badge is a shareable micro-credential linked to the university that validates your knowledge or skills. Badges can be collected in a “backpack” to showcase your competency and boost your resume or LinkedIn profile.

  • wli-assertiveness

    Being An Assertive Christian Woman

  • wli-christian-speaking

    Christian Speaking Bundle

  • WLI-Basic-Business

    Christian Speaking: Basic Business

  • WLI-Dazzling-Delivery

    Christian Speaking: Dazzling Delivery

  • WLI-Passionate-Presentations

    Christian Speaking: Passionate Presentations

  • WLI Confidence-01

    Confidence – Part 1: Confidence Defined

  • WLI Confidence-02

    Confidence – Part 2: Critical Thinking to Build Confidence

  • WLI Confidence-03

    Confidence – Part 3: Confidence and Taking Action

  • WLI Confidence-04

    Confidence – Series Bundle

  • Diabolical-Devices-2

    The Real You, Revealed! – Part 1: Diabolical Devices

  • Deep-Discovery-2

    The Real You, Revealed! – Part 2: Deep Discovery

  • Divine-Design-Square

    The Real You, Revealed! – Part 3: Divine Design

  • Identity-in-Christ-Square

    The Real You, Revealed! Series Bundle