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We meet learners where they are, providing high-impact, flexible, accessible, Christian learning experiences.

Concordia University OnlineConcordia University Wisconsin has been educating students in mind, body, and spirit for more than 125 years, and are affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Concordia University System. Through Concordia University Online, we currently educate more than 2,400 active online students, a number that has been rising every year. We are also proud to offer programs in conjunction with the Concordia Ann Arbor campus in Michigan.

We value the potential in our learners. From enrollment to graduation, you are a part of the Concordia family, and we prove it by offering the most intensive student support you can find. Your best friend in support will probably be your Online Student Success Advisor who assists you personally at every stage of your education. Reach out to your OSSA for any reason, anytime. After all, serving others through education is our Christian vocation. What will yours be?

A preacher and a plowboy

Everyone has multiple vocations throughout life, and we believe that each one is an opportunity to love your neighbor, as it is through us that God works in the world. Our careers, when approached with the intent and the direction of Christ, are aligned to our life’s greater vocation. Martin Luther did not believe in such a thing as “secular work,” and saw little difference between a priest and a plowboy, for in earnest, he said, they both serve God.

We live by this same idea, that what you do in life matters, no matter who you are or what your career is. We are all called to multiple vocations as parent, friend, child, or working professional. All are ways to love our neighbors, and all are honorable in the eyes of God. For us, online learning is a way to honor our life’s many vocations.For example, parents no longer need to put aside their families in order to spend hours in a classroom away from home. We have the tools to help them achieve their goals with the same academic rigor and understanding.

The power of technology

Concordia University Online is at the forefront of an education revolution—a deliberate response to what students, as well as prospective employers, have needed for years—an education system that prepares students for the workplace, and teaching methods that involve fewer textbooks and more real life.

When students enter our School of Business, for example, they don’t see a lot of textbooks. They like this. Without a dated textbook, material is more topical, immediate and engaging, especially for a rapidly evolving subject like business. Case studies, recent articles, and practical lessons—like building your own marketing plan—all make room for a dialogue between the student and the instructor that likely wouldn’t have happened with a simple book reading and a follow-up test.

Traditional university educators tend to be entrenched in teaching methods that were developed centuries ago. They call it tradition. However, technology has changed the way we can approach learning. Today, educators need to adapt to the individual, and our educators understand that. Thanks to the Internet, students can singlehandedly shape their own learning experience, then dive deep into that focus with their instructor and their classmates.

Health care in the 1800s!

In a way, choosing to use educational technology from the 1800s is like using surgical technology from the same era. We know infinitely more about both topics today than we did 200 years ago, and have advanced tools for precision and patient comfort.

Looking at these wonderful technological advancements, it’s clear that no one really misses the “grand old traditions” of yesterday’s medical practice, because medical technology has mercifully moved forward. Concordia University Online views educational technology the same way. Our proprietary methods and class construction are changing the discussion of online and distance education today, and we are proud leaders in this direction.

Experience for yourself how we treat our students like family, near or far. Concordia University Online is a place where you fit, no matter who or where you are in life. Come and join the community of caring educators and students that will embrace your talents and feed your knowledge for the future.